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Printedfresh have a fabulous range of bags for all the family incorparating a range of different materials like Cotton ,Harris Tweed  tote bags and also our popular cosmetic bags 


Handmade Bags

1. Tote bags - for the modern shopper
Tote bags are perfect for the modern shopper who wants a bag that's stylish and versatile. Whether you're carrying your laptop to the coffee shop or your groceries home from the store, a tote bag is the perfect choice.

2. Cosmetic bags - for the beauty lover
If you're a beauty lover, you know that organization is key. Cosmetic bags help you keep all your makeup and brushes in one place, so you can find everything you need quickly and easily.

3. Message bags - for the positive thinker
Message bags are a great way to spread positivity and encouragement. Whether you choose to hand them out or simply display them in your home or office, they'll remind you (and others) that good vibes are always welcome here.

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