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Grey Whippet on a Black dog poo bag holder

Grey Whippet on a Black dog poo bag holder

 Grey Whippet doggie poo bag dispenser.

Grey whippet on a black embroidered faux leather dog poo bag holder

Handmade embroidered Novelty poo bag holder, doggy poo bag pouch/bag/dispenser made from vinyl with a lobster clip for attaching to your lead etc and a zipped opening - you never have to search your pockets or bag for a poo bag again.


Approximately 11cm x 11cm.


The bags are all made using faux leather/Vinyl and the dog decoration will be felt, cotton or faux leather.


Lots of colour combinations available - if there are any specific colour requirements please message me and I will do my best to match ie the stitching in a particular colour, e.g. different coloured dog rather than the one pictured or a particular colour zip etc please specify by adding a message otherwise an appropriate colour scheme will be used and may vary slightly from the picture due to availability , Colours may also vary slightly due to lighting etc.

These Poop Bag holder comes with a few poop bags to get you started





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