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Really nice Leather Greayhound Collar Large

Really nice Leather Greayhound Collar Large

Really Nice leather Greyhound Collar.

they are simple yet stylish Leather dog collars with chrome buckle and D ring.


 Every dog needs a collar to show who they are and that they belong to someone. You want to make sure your dog's collar is made with quality and good material. Leather is the best because it is durable and will not break.


Leather collars have been around for centuries because they are perfect for dogs. They are resistant to water, weather, and dirt so you don't have to worry about your pup needing a new one anytime soon. When you buy a leather collar from Printedfresh, your dog will never need another one as long as you live in the same home!


You can find all leather collars in our  store with great discounts and high-quality material. Quality comes first when looking for a collar for your pup. 


The thickness of the centre part of the collar is 2.5inch 64mm) These whippet/ greyhound collars come with a 1inch (25mm) buckle as standard.

Size To fit 12" to 17".

How to ensure you order the correct size:

All sizes quoted are neck sizes – ie the circumference of your dog’s neck. This can be measured using a soft tape measure, or by measuring your dog’s existing collar. Measure from the most used hole, to the end of the leather where it goes round the buckle (ie to the end of the leather if the collar is laid flat – almost to the bar across the buckle).


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